Computer Repair Services

Crystal Clear A/V Installations understands that computer repairs can be costly in both time and money. This is why we offer both home and shop repairs. Our technicians are trained to diagnose computer issues fast so that time is not frivolously spent. Most issues can be resolved in a customer’s home in less than three hours. Other issues take longer and must be done in a professional environment. Pricing is as follows:

* “In home” diagnoses and repair: 1-3 hours, $79.99
* Each additional hour in home, $25.00
* “In home” preventative maintenance tune-up, $69.99
* “Shop” diagnoses and repair, $15.00 per hour
* One time “shop” virus removal, $59.99 (other charges may apply)
* “Shop” preventative maintenance tune-up, $49.00
* Additional Services Available at Reasonable Prices!


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